My New Song – ‘Sickness in Me’!! Happy TGI-Friday!!

Hi there everybody!

I hope your all well and doing good things.

I have been working pretty intensively on my music featuring my new amp sim which I really like. I have been using a new amp-sim that I like very much. They seem pretty good for what I want to use them for and I have been checking out some trials of the software that I’ll eventually buy at some point down the track. I have also been researching and educating myself with the importance on Mastering and what it does for your songs. It really makes a huge difference and it’s been great that I have been able to intensify my music with higher definition and radio ready Masters. It’s been a bit of a learning curve but it’s not really that hard, I have been modelling my mixes based on the metal music I like to listen too. With that said I am really happy with the new direction that I’m taking my music in and it sounds amazing to my ears and of course, next level!

Yay it’s TGI-Friday too today!! It’s right on 4PM and that’s all my work finished for the week, I’m also so happy I managed to get my new song finished, as my DAW (Music App) will be going off-line soon because I have not set-up payment for the next month starting in a couple of days, so I’m happy I have finished everything for the moment in regards to that. I also had to get food in which is more important and some other essential things I needed to get at the shops too.

Well that’s me finished for the week, it feels great to have everything finished and I can go and relax now and enjoying my Friday late afternoon / evening. Thanks to everybody for all your support this week. I also haven’t done a blog in a while so I thought I’d do one to keep you all up to date with things happening with me. Have a great weekend everybody and all the best, I’m sure I’ll see you all again sometime soon.

You can listen to my song on my youtube here, leave a comment if want hehe

My new amp sim.

Happy Tail end of the week – Zombie Slayer song!

Hi there everybody! Happy, now officially the tail end of the week.

I have had a last project come in today and I’m happy to announce the launch of my new song titled ‘Zombie Slayer’.

It’s a track that is what I believe will be a zombie apocalypses sometime in our not to distant future. You can listen to it on my youtube or bandcamp. Here is the youtube link if you’d like to leave a comment that would be great.

I also created the album cover art using mid-journey AI image generator on Discord. I must say it’s very addictive and I’m sure they will have an audio and video one in time to come, I’m sure it’s not that far away. I have been spending way too much time on Mid-Journey but it’s great that my friend has a server because there is some really cool stuff up there. I can spend hours on it, it’s really addictive, but it does make a lot of stuff that misses the mark, just what I have found with my experience with it.

It is a very interesting platform and the future is coming sooner than you think!

Anyway I have the heater on right now and am enjoying a beer, it’s gone 4pm so it’s my knock off time now for today. Have a great rest of your week and I’m sure I’ll catch you all soon, all the best, Alisha!

Alisha – Signing off!!

You know I don’t give a care. I’m over everything and I am going to be giving up everything as of today.

I have been struggling with a lot of things and there is professionals telling me what it is at, and that I’m giving up all my work that I do and if that’s meant to be a mid-life crisis then so be it! I have bigger fish to fry in my life and whatever I have done previously with my creative work, it has come to an end.

I have had a very difficult time lately and this time I don’t think it’s a phase I feel I just don’t have what it takes anymore and I have to be accepting that this is the way it is for me, it’s a sad time for me right now but I feel refreshed that I can let go.

I know my really good friends will support me but I feel this is very different and not an in haste decision. Things have been going this way for awhile now and the hardest part about this is telling everybody that I have nothing new and that I haven’t done anything.

They will have to get used to it and for me what I have up to this point will be the last of everything for me as far as my creative work goes. I really need to look forwards and think about the big picture with me and what has been lost times that I have been engaged with my creative stuff, my music and photography and 3D etc.

It’s not all lost, but all my work to this date will be past memories and evidence that things have been good and prosperous at those times.

I am actually celebrating tonight the new direction and change in my life as at this point of critical-mass and that I need to move on and look to the stars for answers. For me I’m giving up everything I do and looking to other things that aren’t my creative works, such as my music photography etc. I feel refreshed knowing today that it doesn’t matter anymore.

So yes I will be carrying this forward and accepting that things need to change for me right now. There is so much that I have done and that’s great, but I need to move on. What are the objectives of my life? to be absorbed constantly with creative endeavors one does not think so. I have other things I want to accomplish in my life. If I drown so be it I have done everything and more in my life to this point and feel that this is a time in my life where I want to look at other things for enjoyment and being away from my computer and the digital world that has been the past 30 years of my life – I’m now 40!

Anyway I have come to this conclusion and it is what it is, I just have to mobilize toward the things that interest me and what looks good for me for the future. I do feel sorry but I have done some great things I must say but I’m tired and I need to let go of what has been driving my delusion that is perfection. It’s hard for me to say this but yes there was such a thing as perfection but not anymore!

It’s a sad time yes, but right now I feel really great, so much pressure has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like having a new breathe of fresh air, really great I think so!

Alisha – signing off!!

My Memories of University – Back in Time!

Hi there everybody!

I hope you’re all well and doing good things.

I have been going back in time to 2006 and 2012 when I graduated twice from Victoria University with Multimedia, Psychology and Professional writing majors and 2 degrees. I have some of the best memories I will ever have in my life from back then, it was such good times! This evening it was a bit of nostalgia and me remembering my old university stomping ground and what has been some of the most magical and wonderful memories I have from my life back then and before I became mentally sick / ill and burnt-out. Almost all my grades were HD’s (High Distinctions) and I really went full on into my studies back then.

In this present time I have moved on from many of my university-friends but still have very fond memories of the pasts and it really warms my heart remembering the good times I had back then and even further back when I was at the VCA and RMIT too. Yes I have done like 11 years of study, really crazy stuff haha.

Anyway I collected some of my picture frames and my graduation teddy I got given to me as a gift from my parents when I graduated and stuff from back then and took a photo of them. (see photo below of my mantel piece with my university memorabilia).

Happy end of the week too everybody and Monday tomorrow hehe. Have a great next week and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon.

My university memorabilia.

Happy Saturday!

Hi there everybody!

I have had a very relaxing day today with getting out of bed at 12:44 PM today hahahahaha. I have been just pottering about my place and enjoying a break this weekend.

My ext portfolio (extended portfolio) is fully functional and in effect right now so go check it out. It has faster load times and looks better too. See my sample screen-grab of one of my galleries below.

So yes I’m having some time off right now and its just clocked over to 4PM. So yes that’s my knock off time on weekends. 2-4pm on weekends for me hehe.

Anyway have a great rest of your weekend everybody and all the best, I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon, bye, Alisha!

My 3D model gallery.

Busy as a bee!

Hi there everybody!
I have been so busy lately OMG, it’s just been so crazy, so many things happening on so many fronts. I thought I’d do an update for you all today of how things are going with me and what is now the end of the week for me.As I say it’s been such a full on week with appointments, meetings, txt’s, messages, zooms, planning meetings, emails, social media the list goes on. 
I will say that if I don’t get back to you soon enough it’s because I’m flat-out busy. I will endeavor to get to everybody as quickly as I can.
I have so much self-work, volunteer work, side projects and that, that I’m doing it just gets so busy at times and overwhelming.
I also did a coding update of my ext-portfolios on my website with VS-code and with the help from my friend Sam, it should all load faster now and look better too hehe.
I also received a very positive email from JOY, highlighting future photography stuff that may come up, and me now being a part of the adhoc production team that I’ve always wanted, really great I think so! 

I also can’t believe it’s TGI-Friday today, far out so crazy OMG! Anyway, have a great weekend everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch up with you all sometime again soon.

In app VS-Code.

Happy TGI-Friday – Sordid Sword EP!

You know, I don’t know how I have been able to succeed in things that I like to do and have for the most part, had an enjoyable and meaningful life. I should add, such a colorful time on this earth too haha with homelessness, substance abuse – ICE and Heroin, transgender and schizophrenia and bipolar, Self-harm and suicide attempts, a great many a things that I have been through, such disadvantage I think so. In all it’s made me who I am today and as every day passes, I love life even more! It’s been unbelievable how I am still here with you all today but my persistence and resilience in me is very high with help from the NDIS, and I say, “if I can get through that I can get through anything!”

Times are much more settled now and I keep absorbed and busy with, my music, photography, 3D models, Illustration etc. Things with me are so more advanced these days with me, and having studied 2 degrees with a high distinction average was some of the most fun and magical memories I will ever have on this earth, such great memories that is for sure.

As we move into the back half of this year in 2022 I have been surrounded with evidence that shows I should keep doing all the things that I love doing. I have thought about stopping everything and giving up especially when the brain fog sets in, but I keep excelling and doing things that are bigger and better than anything else I have ever done, yes wow right?! It really amazes me how things have been going as we go into the future. I am pretty hard on myself and rule myself with an iron fist haha! As time goes on I am feeling more able to relax more and accept that I need to treat myself occasionally and not be so harsh on myself.

As per today I have hit a milestone of achievement and excellence. In the past week I have done some of the best stuff I have ever done, that female black-bird photo, my music with my new EP ‘Sordid Sword’ and photo of me with my guitar as it’s album cover, just so amazing, I think so! I really enjoy doing this stuff and it surely brightens up my day and lifts my mood! Have a great TGI-Friday and weekend everybody and I’ll catch up with you all next week sometime, all the best, Alisha!

You can check out the building of my new EP here:

Sordid Sword Advertisement.

Happy Sunday! End of my holidays.

Hi there everybody!

I hope you’re all well. It’s 8:17PM on this Sunday evening and I have had a great day out at the shops (for clothes shopping and stuff like that) and then a stop by a lake where there is lots of wildlife near Ballarat. So yes I had some time behind the lens later this afternoon after shopping which was really great. We also had lunch out at the shops and then headed out to the lake at the Ballarat botanical gardens and had a coffee and banana bread beside the lake to finish out the day. It was so much fun and I took some photos of some of the birdlife there and they are the first times I have photographed a female – blackbird and grebe. I love grebes, they are such gorgeous birds, I have always wanted to take a photo of them for a long time! I had such a lovely time out today and experienced some of the most magical times ever. Also some of my favourite photography for sure, hehe. On the drive back home we went through Ballarat city and admired all the old buildings and architecture.

I’m relaxing now with a beer right now as I type this. It is the end of my holidays, though I don’t return back home into the city until Tuesday some time. I have some work that I have to do for JOY and my second boss this week. Thursday – Sunday over this weekend has been so much fun and just so amazing! Really great I think so!

I have provided some photos from my day out today, see photos below. Have a great next week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon, all the best, Alisha!

(Click on images below for large views).

My female black bird photo.
My grebe photo.

Holiday away – time off!

Hi there everybody! I’m going to relax with a beer soon and am enjoying my afternoon off.

In regards to work, I have photographed album cover artwork and made a new song titled ‘Command and Conquer’! it was good doing it but it hasn’t made me feel happy in myself with its completion and accomplishment like it usually does. I am pretty hard on myself and that’s just what it’s like with me these days.

As it is I am listening to some music and just relaxing now. I had a pretty full on weekend with finishing creative work that I do. I am also having a little holiday away later this week and returning next week. It will be great to get some time away from my apartment for a bit hehe! So yes I’ll be starting to pack tomorrow and get myself organized for it. It should be great!

You can find my new song here and my album artwork below!

Have a great week everybody, I’m going to go now and have a beer and relax! All the best, Alisha!

(click on image for large view).

Album cover artwork for my new song.

Insight into Alisha’s world – checkpoint Mid 2022!

Hi there everybody!

I hope you’re all well and doing great things!

This is a checkpoint blog today of me as of mid 2022. I have been having down-time, a break from everything that I do in my world and it feels great! I have been a busy little bee already this year and all my back-ups and file management is into the hundreds of gigs of files, and that tells me that I have been super productive on the self-development stuff I do mostly for myself and some work related stuff. It is really crazy all the files I have from producing all the content that I do. I call myself a dev-head but that’s pretty archaic these days, nowadays it’s called a creator or content-creator!

I’m a bit old-skool like that haha but yes I do a lot of stuff! I make music and video, do photography, 3D-CGI, websites etc. I do lots of different things! With that said I do like to have a break at times and it’s good to have some time to rest. It’s really healthy for me to have long-breaks and time out of the office and away from my compy! In regards to my mental health it’s good I can recognize this in myself and prevent burn-out from happening.

At the moment I have finished everything and have no more projects listed at the moment. I feel really happy that everything is finished and done in regards to me and my work that I do. So what is the future for me and schizkitty (my-website). Well it’s not really obvious to me at the moment where the road may take me but I’ll probably look to re-engage in Spring sometime.

Thanks to everybody on my treating team and workers for all your help, it’s really great, I think so! As it is I have been going through the winter-blues and it’s been me suffering from a bit of a depression over the last few months. I’m sure things will pick-up again sometime, but yes I feel I’m in a desperate need to recoup, re-group and re-generate right now, more than ever!

Have a fantastic tail end of the week tomorrow everybody and I look forward to catching up with you all sometime soon, all the best, Alisha!

In the office this evening -webcam pic – It’s raining outside.