My Carmageddon Music and Video Behind the Scenes!!

Hey there, everybody!

I featured this a little in my Carmageddon music video right at the start, but here again is my finished workings of my song in my DAW (see screengrab attached). I like to share some of my behind the scenes so others can be educated on some of the process that is involved in getting my sound. If you want to know specific gear and software I use, check out my music page on my website. It lists some of the stuff that I use up there.

Overall I am really happy how my song and video came out. I edit my in-game recordings in Premiere Pro, I find it good for what I need to do. I am pretty old skool and am one of those people that still use a desktop computer. Also I will say my music that I make in Cubase13 is pretty simple, I only use around 4 to 6 tracks and keep it pretty simple.

My guitars and vocals are recorded in one take too, I find that if you have different takes that you record with, your pick attacks and vocal range maybe a little different and your finished mix won’t sound consistent and the same. Just my experience anyway. So yes I’m not into comping stuff as I want everything to have a natural flow to it. I also use a drum track rather than a click-metronome track to record against. I find it easier to help flesh out my riffs.

Anyway I hope this is helpful. I’m not an educator by any means and people will have their own ways of doing things. In the end you do you boo, and always remember to have fun! I make music primarily for myself and for my own enjoyment, if anybody else likes it then that is a bonus. Have a great tail end of your week everybody and all the best, ta, Alisha.

My Carmageddon in DAW screengrab.

My Carmageddon Music Video!

Happy Sunday afternoon everybody!

I have launched my new Carmageddon song and music video with my in-game recordings!

I am really happy with it and it was so much fun making the song and the video, really great stuff. I loved playing the game back in the day and just recently re-purchased the game. I am really into those good old games, they bring back such good memories and nostalgia of my teenage years back then and playing lots of computer games.

My music video can be found on my YouTube (see attached)

and the song on my Bandcamp site here:

I will be putting it up some stage on all online stores such as iTunes and Spotify, just search my name and you will find my music up there.

Have a great next week everybody! I’m going to go and have a beer and celebrate my new release, all my work is done! Thanks for watching and listening, all the best, Ali.

Dino’s After Dark!

Hey there, everybody, I hope you’re all well.

Yesterday I went to the Dino’s After Dark at Werribee Zoo with my carer Roary. I had so much fun, it was so amazing! The animatronic dinosaurs they had there were so cool, I really enjoyed myself! They had marshmallow toasting around a fire, DJ and light shows.

Today I’m just resting up and relaxing. With other things with me, I have been working on a new song. It feels so great to have started making a new song, so I have something meaningful to do with my days. The song has some riffs that I made early this week that I like with some 80’s synths thrown in there too, I really like how it is sounding so far, more news on that in the coming months.

I’ll leave you now with my 18 photos that I took at Dino’s After Dark last night (see attached 18 photos). Have a great weekend everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon. All the best, ta, Alisha.

Dino’s After Dark.
Dino’s After Dark.

I’ve started making music again!

Hey there everybody!

We are well into fall, Autumn here in Australia. It’s been ages, but yesterday I picked up my guitar for a bit and recorded some guitar that I really like, it is the makings of a new song. It felt good to get back on the horse again and do something different.

I feel really great that I have started a new song, a demo as it is at this stage. Just starting something feels great and I am going to work on it in little bits, the longer it takes to make, the more enjoyment I will have working on it and having something meaningful to do with my days. So yes, with that said I’d like to spend months working on it even if it is just a demo, I want it to be the best it can be, for a demo.

It’s the middle of the week today, happy hump day, Wednesday! It’s coming up to 10am this morning and I’m going to potter about my apartment and enjoy some break time away from the compy and have some relax me time. I’ll leave you with a screengrab of my compy desktop work in progress of my new song in my audio programme. It’s going to be a soundtrack for my oldskool car game, The original ‘Carmageddon’ game!

Have a great tail end of your week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon, (see my screengrab attached), all the best, ta, Alisha.

My screengrab.

Out and about, Little Pied Cormorant!

Hey there, everybody! I hope you’re all doing well.

I got out and about today with my carer to a local lake ‘Edwardes Lake’ in Reservoir.

I had so much fun, we got Mc Donalds breakfast before heading out to the lake and then we did some food shopping afterwards and then returned home.

I took a photo of my Mc Donald’s breakfast that I had this morning haha. I also took a photo of a Pied Cormorant that I saw when I was out. I think this is one of my best photos I have of a Pied Cormorant and is way up there as one of my most favourite Cormorant photos, I love those little guys, they are my favourite bird, their little webbed feet ..soo cute haha!

It’s coming up to 4PM and I’m going to go and crack open a beer and listen to the radio. Have a great rest of your weekend everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon. (see my 2 photos attached). All the best, ta, Alisha.

My Little Pied Cormorant.

Happy TGI-Friday ACE!

Hey there, everybody, happy TGI-Friday!

I have returned home from my holidays and I am back in the hustle and bustle of the city as per a couple of days ago and I have settled back in.

I have some great news too, my apartment inspection went ace today! They said it looks in really good order and they really liked it, I’m feeling so happy right now!

I’m going to go and knock off work for my week and celebrate my achievements this week, have a great Friday everybody!

I’ll leave you with a screengrab of my desktop of my compy, (see attached) I have quite a bit of stuff on my compy these days but it’s organized and works really great, I love my compy! It’s coming up to its 1 year anniversary since I bought it from my compy store last year.

I’m going to go now and crack open a beer and celebrate, I’m going to go and listen to some dance music and dance around my apartment, things are so great with me! Have a great weekend everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon, all the best, ta, Alisha.

Happy Easter Sunday Lunch!

Hey there, everybody!

I had a lovely day out today. I had Easter lunch out with my family, it was really nice. I had the chicken kiev, it was so delicious.

It’s right on 8PM now and I’m relaxing for the last bit of my weekend. I’m going to have some chocolate and drinkies and watch some T.V shows and relax.

With news about my game, ‘Carmargeddon’ I paid $3.64 for an on-line digital copy that I have now backed up and made a CD copy of. I think the original CD that I bought will work on my compy at home as it’s a gaming compy. I have played a little of it today and I’m really enjoying it, it’s a bit of fun hehe.

Have a lovely Easter Monday tomorrow everybody. I’m on break till Wednesday, when I leave to go back home in the hustle and bustle of the city. (see photo below of my lunch today).

Ta, Alisha.

Good Friday – Happy Holidays!

Hey there, everybody! I hope you’re all well.

I started my holidays today. I am staying up in the country for a bit over Easter.

This morning I went up to Reservoir to pick up a retro game that I ordered called ‘Carmageddon’ that I used to play back in the day. I also got myself new headphones too.

On the way out of the city we went to the Good Friday car show where I met up with my sister. It was a lovely sunny day out and I had so much fun!

I will be trying out my new headphones and my new game this weekend. I have opened my headphones and wow, they sound great, the ‘Noise Canceling’ is really good! With my game, I’m having some difficulty getting it to work, though it will probably work on my compy at home as I have Direct X (Direct Draw) on that from other games that I have installed, which it can’t find on this compy that I’m on now. ..Also the compy that I’m on now isn’t a gaming computer, it doesn’t have a graphics card so that may be an issue.

Anyway it feels so good to get away from the city for a bit.

Happy Friday too everybody! (see my photos attached), Have a great break everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon. Ta, Alisha.

My Headphones and Game.
Delorean 1.
Delorean 2.

Skydeck 2024!

Hey there, everybody! I hope you’re all well.

Last night, I went to the Skydeck with Roary, it was so much fun!

I was waiting for a job to come in from Triple R yesterday but it never happened, maybe next week. So I decided to go to the Skydeck instead. It was really nice weather and it was so good to get out and about again, first time in a while for me. So yes I’m feeling really great today for my Saturday, and I am just going to go now and relax for the rest of today.

I have (attached) my photo from yesterday of the sunset from the Eureka Skydeck. I bought a cup too from the souvenir shop. It was so much fun, have a great weekend everybody, and all the best, ta, Alisha.

Eureka Skydeck 2024.

Happy TGI-Friday!!

Hey there, everybody!

Over the last day or so I have been having problems with my Facebook. It’s not great, I really don’t use Facebook that much anymore anyway, but I’d still like to post stuff sometimes and see what my friends are up to.  At the moment I can’t put any text and I can only post images at this stage it seems. Anyway it may resolve at some stage in the future but for now I’m posting elsewhere.

Happy TGI-Friday everybody, I hope you’re all doing well! I decided to take a photo of me today, for use maybe down the track, so I’ve got a current photo of me. Anyway more on that when I hear more about that in the coming weeks, but yes cogs are moving and mobilizing with me hehe. When I know something I’ll let you all know, it’s an exciting time for me right now.

Have a great extra-long weekend everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon! Time for a beer, all my work is done!

All the best, ta, Alisha.