Happy Sunday, Christmas is coming!

Hi everybody, I hope your all well and doing great things!

Yesterday evening (Twilight) I went down to the Kew Christmas Market. It was so good to get out again, that is for sure. See the photos below.
Onto other news. I have a new song that I’m just about finished. I mastered my mix and even though it’s a more personal song about drug awareness and overdose and harm minimisation, it has come out just how I wanted it. I also photographed the album cover artwork for it, so I did that yesterday as well. I have been really busy. So yes look out for that one. I’m not sure when I’ll release it I’m going to refresh my ears and finalise that possibly tomorrow sometime and then I’ll see when I want to release it.

Thanks to everybody for all your help and support and to my awesome workers that are involved in my care. Have a great last part of your weekend everybody and have a great next week ..and I’m out of here.

Baby Goats.
Baby Goats.
Baby Goats.
Pink Tram.
Building in Kew.

Rigby’s Back!

Hi everybody!

I have been copying files over onto my new lappy and I came across this test render / image of Rigby the raccoon from Regular Show that I made this year. I thought that the image looked pretty good. So yes this was a test render that I did and just discovered it today when backing up stuff onto my new lappy.

So yes happy Saturday! I’m going to go now and relax and have some drinks, all the best, Ashley!

Render of Rigby the raccoon.

Happy Saturday – New Compy Day-time Pic!

hi there everybody! Happy Saturday!

I decided to take a photo of my new compy / lappy in the day-time today. So yes you can see it a bit better now hehe. I love it so much! I used it to make and record yesterdays (Friday’s) Podcast No. 5. It’s going really good I must say hehe!

Today (Saturday) and tomorrow I’m going to be just relaxing. I have had such a busy tail end of the working week that is for sure. Thursdays and Fridays are my busiest days!

It’s a nice sunny day today, really great I think so hehe. So yes I’m just going to go relax now.

All the best everybody! Catcha!

My New Lappy!

hi there everybody!

I hope your all doing well on this lovely Thursday evening. Late this afternoon I went out to my compy store and I found a laptop that I really like. So yes I brought it home with me today and it’s now at its new home here in my high-rise apartment and fits in with my other tech gear that I have on my desk quite nicely.

The laptop was expensive. It was Black Friday sales only today and I got a deal on a demo laptop which they had there. So yes It was normally priced at $1,890 and it was on sale for $1,585. It’s a hi end workstation that is good with CAD and performance and heavy workloads which is perfect for me and has 3 year on-site warranty which means they come out to me if I have any issues with it. The specs can be found below. So yes it has now become part of my digital family.

Well have a great tail end of the week everybody and weekend! Yay TGI Friday tomorrow yay! I’ll be doing a podcast at some stage No.5 that I’ll be talking about, my new lappy so look out for that. Have a good one everybody and all the best, Ashley.

HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 Mobile Workstation
Processor    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz   2.11 GHz
Installed RAM    16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
HP ZBOOK FIREFLY 14 G7 14" FHD -i5 10210U, 16G,
512G, P520-4G, WIN10P, 3YR OS
Photo I took of My New Lappy!!

My Blog update – Spotify!

Hi there everybody!

Just a quick update today. My new lappy is coming sometime soon I hope. It’s overdue ETA right now.

Onto other news I have a screengrab that I took of my favourite music on Spotify right now, with an updated cover image. Those songs that are listed are some of my best and most popular songs to date. So yeah go check them out hehe. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5CmEbXUvrvRiTyUuOJLKAZ

As it’s quite warm today or maybe I’d call it hot weather, I am up later tonight because of the hot weather. Things are going pretty good I must say and I’m enjoying a relaxing tail end of the week. Have a great end to your week and weekend, everybody, ta, Ashley.

My Top fav songs on Spotify!

My Weight-loss Journey Update!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well.

Over the last year I’ve been trying to get my weight down a bit further as Suboxone drug treatment for Heroin (as per 2 years ago) and Covid-19 / Lifestyle in general and some Medications made me put on weight.

As it is I’m slowly working on a healthier me. So anyway I reached a milestone of breaking the 90KG barrier today. So yes it’s currently 89.6KG. So yes first checkpoint reached! 2 years ago I used to be 79KG and I’m trying to get back down to that. I have a Dr nutritionist that I see once a month and she has been working with me to make good nutrition and healthy choices to help my weight loss journey and goals that I have.

My diet is pretty strict I must say but has to be this way because I have to work against many factors in my lifestyle and medications that I take. It takes a kind of determination and presence in my life where you constantly in every aspect of your diet, make adjustments that will help me on my journey. In my case I have to be a little strict like this that is for sure if I want things to change. But yes doing things naturally and with persistence and consistency is the way to go, that has worked for me.

Weight loss for me has happened very slowly because I do have to work against many things. I have a long way to go but overall I’m happy with how things are going, but I think it will be a long while before the mid 80’s come into range, (which is the next checkpoint) but as long as it’s going in the right direction, is all that matters for me.

All the best everybody, Ashley!

My weight loss journey so far.

Happy Sunday! Christmas is coming!


Hi everybody! I’m feeling a little crazy today.

My new lappy I’m looking to get hasn’t arrived yet but it won’t be long, it’s going to be a very special Christmas for me this year. Everything is working really well and going in the right direction. Thanks to all my fans and friends for all the support.

I was due to do a podcast today, but this didn’t happen as my new compy still hasn’t come in yet. That’s ok it’s just going to be a very special time when it does. With me things are pretty good and I’m really looking forward to catching up with family this Christmas festive season! Somethings have been challenging but on the whole things are pretty good. Today Sunday I’m just relaxing and enjoying myself with some drinks, a little party at my place haha. with that said I’m just relaxing and taking it easy.

Have a great next week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch up with you all soon. Bye Ashley.

Facebook down – Mental Illness.

I owe everybody an apology. My Facebook went down sometime between last night and this morning. As when I woke up this morning I had no facebook. I have been suffering from severe mental illness and paranoia. Something in my brain has been happening with me over the last couple of weeks, and therapy sessions with my Psychotherapist is due to decrease, as thoughts were that I can cope on my own for awhile, which as I’ve learned from today, isn’t the case.

I am finding even though mental cognition is on the improve, underlying psych factors with my Schizophrenia and paranoid thinking is coming to the fore and has started to impact my day to day wellbeing in way I had never thought. The best improvement that has come out of the last couple of weeks / month is that my brain fog has been pretty much fully quashed and hasn’t had any impact on me. I have to allow myself time to adjust and somehow stabilize in a way that works for me.

I’m not sure what’s happening right now but if anything things holistically are getting better, but yes, I can’t count my chickens yet. Things are better yes, and I know I’m pretty switched on with knowing a good amount about myself and the insight to how I work and such, but as I’m finding recently somethings with me are surprisingly contrary and unknown. I’ll further investigate this and report back to my clinicians and specialists working with me, my Psych OT and Psychotherapist and in general my NDIS team.

I have been spending more time out of my apartment and even going out late at night when it’s dark which frightens me, but yes I look forward to seeing my specialists next week sometime to discuss this. There is no cause for alarm and I’m sorry if I have stressed some people that were wondering where I have gone as Facebook was down for me this morning. All is pretty good I must say and I think it won’t be too long in time when I can fully overcome most of my psych issues that have had the biggest impact on me and my well being in past times.

In closing all the best everybody and thanks for all my workers, friends and family for the support and encouragement to overcome difficult times and if anything to pursue a quality of life in the end. Stay strong and do your best at everything you do and remember to have fun, I’ll be sure to check in next week sometime with my treating team, thanks, and all the best, Ashley.

Happy Sunday!! Hard Rock 5k!!

Hi everybody, happy Sunday to you all!

I hope your all well. I have finished my new song ‘Hard Rock 5k’ soon to be up on all stores soon. For the time being you can find it on my Bandcamp site here: https://ashleyhm.bandcamp.com/track/hard-rock-5

So yes I’m pretty happy with it. Anyway back to business tomorrow (Monday) and I have lots of workers to catch up with. Have a great rest of your Sunday and have a happy next week. All the best, Ashley.

Hard Rock 5k Cover.

My New Podcasts!

Well we are at the end of another week, Sunday today.

I will be discontinuing my blog here as my Podcasts that I’m doing now will replace this. Thanks to all my readers but now you can listen instead of read my blog. My podcasts are taking over as my primary updates for everything with me, even if it’s only every Friday or most Friday’s at this stage. It’s a new format and I’m pretty happy doing these new podcasts for you all. Visit my website podcast section here: https://www.schizkitty.com.au/PodcastsA.html

So yes I’m doing podcasts nowadays. I got a new mic to do them my new SM7B from Mannys, my music store. They are really good there. So very excited to be launching into a new format, mp3 audio files at this stage where you can listen / stream and download all my podcasts at your leisure.

I’m doing pretty good I must say and everything is going so awesomely. I do my podcasts every Friday, so yeah check them out!

I’m going now to have some drinks and celebrate such awesome times in my life right now, so great things are with me right now hehe. Back to work for me tomorrow. ‘Remember us when your famous’ haha that’s what the packaging said that all my stuff was packaged in from Mannys haha, so funny, yeah when I’m famous haha.

I’ll catch you all in a couple of weeks time for another podcast, so until then be kind to yourself and others, all the best and I’m out of here!

Photos of my SM7B from Mannys.