Happy Hump Day, Celebrating with a beer and vege chips!!

Hi everybody, I hope your all doing really well.

I’m having a little party tonight it’s just on 5:10 PM right now on this lovely Wednesday evening – happy hump day! and I’m celebrating right now with some beer and Vege Chips haha!

Things have been so good this year, I must say. I have done everything that I wanted to do and I love everything that I do! Such a wonderful time in my life, I think so!

With that said, somethings have been challenging, but like I always say there is no bigger challenge that I can’t do, I have smashed everything out of the park this year haha! and on a lot of fronts. So anyway it’s onwards and upwards from here. I am closing things down as we get close to the end of the year, Christmas and New Years and am focusing on family time!

Onto other news I have one more podcast to make until the close of the year, a Christmas special and also my last song I made this year (Laid to Ruin) has received popular attention from my friends!

So yes things are going pretty well I must say. I’m signing off for now, and I’ll likely see you all bright and bushy tailed in the new year! All the best, Ashley.

..12 days till happy Christmas and New Year!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re all doing great things!

12 days left till Christmas, OMG talk about a year that has flown by. I am all ready to start the festive celebrations and I am all organised ready for Christmas this year and have done everything that I wanted to do! It’s going to be so much fun catching up with family hehe. I’m really looking forward to it, I think so!

Most possibly the last developmental work that I’ll do this year, is a Christmas inspired 3D interior design I made of my dream apartment hehe (see render/image below). I made a 3D version of a Christmas card a worker ‘Troy’ gave me for Christmas and put it on the shelf top right in my 3D render hehe, It was so much fun to make!

Anyway, have a great Christmas everybody! Everything is coming to a close and that’s the same with me too. I look forward to catching everybody in the New Year! For me it’s been another bumper year full of such wonderful things happening in my life, I am so happy in myself, I think so!

All the best and have a happy safe Christmas and New Years, Ashley!

Final 3D Apartment at Christmas.
3D behind the scenes.

Happy Saturday, My 3D Goat!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re all well.

Meet Gazza the goat! hehe. I have over the last 2 days been working on something for myself. Most of this week I have been Christmas shopping and stuff like that. So yesterday Friday and today I wanted to do something for myself. I have been relaxing too which is good and I’m just about to crack open a beer now as all my work is done for today. It’s right on 3:42PM on this lovely Saturday.

So yes I modelled myself a goat in 3DsMax hehe. It only took a couple of days if that and I have been relaxing and having lots of breaks while making it. So yes I got my 3DsMax app on my lappy and I have been working on my lappy all the time and will continue to do so while I have the 30 days with my app.

hehe, enjoy my 3D goat render hehe, it was so much fun making it, I think so!

Have a great rest of your weekend, not long now till Christmas, I’m happy that I have finished all my Xmas shopping hehe. All the best, Ashley.

My Goat Final Render.
In app screen-grab.

Happy Thursday, Getting ready for Xmas!

Hi everybody!

I hope your all doing well. I did my Christmas shop today for stuff and presents. It was a good day to get out and about and I have pretty much everything ready for Christmas this year now! Really great, I think so!

I have just opened a beer and I’m celebrating everything me right now. I went to my compy store and bought a laptop bag for my lappy and a small SSD for the lappy to see what speeds I’m getting, where speed of transfer of files is important to me. (see my photo below and the speed).

Well I’m going to go now and relax. I have been so busy OMG. Anyway Christmas is just around the corner can’t wait to see my family again! Have a great tail end of the week and weekend everybody, and I’m out of here.

Photo of my new SSD.

I’m loving my New Lappy!!

Hi everybody!

We are fast approaching Christmas and I think from now till the 23rd I’ll be pretty busy organising stuff for Christmas and the New Year!

I have one more podcast to do for this year, which will be my Christmas special! So yes look out for that! Overall I’m happy with how things are going and I’m really enjoying doing some work on my new lappy which I’ll be taking away with me up to the country. I have big plans for doing photo editing on the go with capturing the spirit of Christmas and the New Year when I’m away.

It will be a great break away from the busy city and good to catch up with family again. I have been a little cautious with having drinks open around my new lappy but I read that my lappy keyboard is also spill resistant, wow!! my new lappy has everything! – I got such a good ‘Black Saturday’ deal! So yeah I’ll be ok having drinks open around my new lappy which is great! I can really enjoy myself so that is really good, I think so!

Well have a great week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon.

Photo I took of my New Lappy 8-12-2021.

My Top 15 works of 2021!

Hi there everybody! I hope you’re all well.
This is my grid, top 15 of my very best/fav works from me this year, 2021! (see image grid below). I have again had a very good productive year and it was so much fun, I think so!
As the year comes to a close, so does my work for the year. I am doing my final backups and finishing up everything. I’m really happy with all my achievements, Photography and Music/Podcasts and 3D design and Illustration. 
Have a great, fun and safe Christmas and New Year everybody! All the best, Ashley.

My Top 15 works of 2021.

Happy Sunday! New Song!

(Play song below!) Hi there everybody! Happy Sunday, I hope your all doing well.

I am finally in the process of releasing my new song! and it will be on all stores hopefully in a week or so time. Firstly I’m really happy with how this song came out and is my last song for the year. I am doing my final backups for the year too and I’m also winding down for the year.

For me this was another great year with lots of dev and things I’ve done for my photography and music. I am so happy I have been able to keep myself busy and enjoy myself and the process, that is for sure, I think so!

This new song is a personal song for me and is about awareness for drug addiction and drug use and overdose. So yes this song is close to my heart. It’s also an emotional song for me and I used the synth elements as the uplifting feel, as a survivor of drug overdose and overcoming drug addiction in my life.

The album cover is also a photo I took and I’m really happy with how that came out to tell my story. The song is titled ‘Laid to Ruin’. I hope you enjoy listening to it, it was very fun to make! You can stream the song below!

So yes we are fast approaching Christmas and I will be away up in the country for about a week over Christmas and New Years. So yes leaving my apartment in the city and going to see my family in the country! It will be great to catch up with them and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Fun times ahead!

So yes I’ll be doing one last podcast before I go away and it’s going to be a Christmas one. So yes look out for that one! Well that’s it for me today. It’s right on 5:40 PM on this lovely warm Sunday! Have a great last bit of your weekend and a great next week. All the best, catcha, Ashley!!

My new song, ‘Laid to Ruin’. 1:40 minutes duration.