THH coffee cup!!

Hi, I’m doing this blog tonight at 7:54 PM because I’m taking tomorrow off.

I have been so smashed with worksies, so I’m having tomorrow off everybody. It will probably be Sunday before I check in again, so yes I have been working pretty hard I must say haha.

All good though in da house. I have some cleaning/tidying to do around my apartment and general upkeep and housekeeping stuff etc for tomorrow. Also having a break and relaxing tomorrow too, I have suddenly got really overwhelmed with stuff that’s happening with me and I’m starting to feel really run down / tired/ and need of relaxation be it alch or unplugging for a bit.

So anyway have a great end of your week everybody. I’ll leave you with todays on the computer worksies, a coffee cup for THH hehe – and I’m out of here. Catch you all again sometime soon.

THH cup worksies.

A Flash-back in time with Ashley!!

Hi everybody! I hope your all doing well.

So yes in todays blog I’m doing a flash-back in time to the 5-5-2017 when this photo was taken of me. So yes 5 years ago. At that time I was very unstable and unwell as per mental illness and such. It doesn’t seem that long ago but amongst those challenging times I was still able to have some photo time in the photo studio. So the photo is of me 5 years ago and even though I have aged a lot now I still like this photo. I was going through some of my archives today, G I have a lot of files haha.

It was fun to go through some of my past stuff, I was actually looking for my 3D textures when I stubbled upon this photo and thought – that’s a great pic!!

Well I’m going to go now and have some drinks and relax, keep well and good and I’ll catch you all later.

A Flash-back in time to 5-5-2017.

Me in 3D, back to eating again – unwell!!

Hi everybody.

As per my eating, I ate some fish late last night, then it was 3 days before then. I’m slowly getting back on track with my food, as I had a bole of chips this morning (that made me feel sick) and made a sandwich today at home.

The reason is I’m eating a little more today is that I had some really servere cramping in my legs and my arm that is the most damaged. Far out so painful and my arm was so bad today, it was so tensed up and you could see all the ligaments tensing so fucked it was. for some reason possibly due to not eating much. Also I’m now under the heater at my desk. My body is so fucked sometimes. I’ll have to monitor closely how I go over the next few days. Anyway I thought I’d crack open a Jim-Beam and cola, just for something different right now and as some fluid intake to relax me.

I’m not a well kitty, also I’m feeling a little shiverish, I should look after myself more. With that said I’m relaxing now and taking it easy. It’s right on 2:41 pm now.

On to other news I finished my other model of me in 3D, me wearing my Metallica T-shirt haha. It was so fun and I was happy with how it came out, see image/final render below.

So yes me taking it easy, is on the books for me today and for the rest of the week. This will be the last 3dsMax project I do as I only have about 6 days left of my trial before I have to buy it, $300 a month eek. It’s still very cold, but yes I’ll be spending this winter mostly indoors hehe where it’s warm and under the heater. Have a great week everybody, I’ll look to catch up with you all later and at the end of the week, so for now that’s it for me, all the best – Ashley.

Me in 3D.

Happy Sunday everybody!!

Hi there everybody.

It’s really cold today and I’m just trying to keep warm. Happy Sunday to you all. Sundays for me are usually my best/favourite days in the week and my happy hour, it’s usually pizza day, but I’m trying to keep me weight down, so no pizza today. Also I want to save some money for when I go to the shops looking for food next week.

So anyway onto other news. I have 10 days left from today with my 3DsMax 2022 trial. I’d like to make my character wearing a T-shirt so I may do that at some stage. It would be the last project I do with it. I don’t think it’s very hard to do that so I can have a relaxing time doing it, so maybe keep a look out for that when I finish it and make those changes hehe.

I thought as todays feature photo I’d share my last fav photo, I took of the view from the Melbourne Star which was last Thursday, which we timed so perfectly as per sunset and that and around its peak height. It was a really good day that was for sure.

Ok so today I’m just relaxing and not really doing anything, I’m having today off haha. I did get out of bed just after 12pm today so it has been good to be well rested. In myself I’m feeling ok, back to work tomorrow in the office. Have a great last part of your weekend and have a great next week everybody! It’s right on 3:20pm and it’s my happy hour now, earlier on Sundays, hehe.

All the best, and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon.

View from the Melbourne Star.

New Profile Pic this Saturday!! – Feeling Down and Sad.

Hi everybody.

Far out it is cold this evening. It’s right on 6:06pm now on my Saturday today.

I am feeling down and sad today. I took a photo that I love so much of me wearing my Metallica T-shirt. I think I’m about to cry. How things have been lately and where I have come from. Just so inspiring in all regards. I’m smashing everything out of the park and even though I’m a little unwell, life these days is just so amazing and good with me. From were I have come, you would not believe it if I told you. Just so epic, so insane.

I am loving my life right now, but it didn’t used to be like this, it’s so great that I’m getting the help I need. The brain fog was pretty bad yesterday but I bounced back quicker than I thought and really quickly which was great. Today I’m taking it easy and I’m going to go now and relax and have some drinks. Also I’m going now to cook up some fish, I haven’t had anything to eat all day.

Have a great last part of your weekend tomorrow everybody and all the best, keep fighting on, love – Ashley.

Ashley wearing her Metallica T-shirt.

Happy TGI Friday – Melbourne Star Flight / New Song!!

hi everybody.

I hope your all well and doing great things.

I have lots of big releases for you today.

Yesterday was such a pretty day weather wise – just so stunning. So I decided to make the most of it and go and visit the Melbourne Star with a worker. It was so much fun, I think so, hehe. See below feature photo. Before I went out, I thought that some of the photos that I take I’d like to use as an album cover for my upcoming new song.

I had a couple of other photos too which can be seen on my Flicker #2, the link can be found on my home page in the right hand column.

So yes it’s Friday again today, yay!! Happy TGI Friday everybody hehe.

Also onto other news. I have been making a new Dance/Metal track, if there is such a thing haha and mostly using my new Arturia keyboard and I have just finished it this afternoon. So yes “DanceFloor88” is doof doof!! haha. It is available to full stream here over at my Bandcamp, until I decide I want it on iTunes, Spotify and Google play too etc, then I’ll put it up there. It was so much fun making it, I think so.

Well it’s right on 5:21pm now on my Friday late afternoon and it’s time to go party and enjoy my evening and celebrate everything me, good times they sure are. Have a great weekend everybody and I’m out of here now. I’m sure I’ll catch you all again soon, all the best – Ashley.

My Melbourne Star photo.

My New Arturia – Midi Keyboard & 2nd Pfizer.

Hi everybody! I hope everybody is well and doing great things. Happy Tuesday.

I have been so busy today, so non stop. I went and purchased my new addition to my gear family my Arturia Keylab61 Essential with LabV software. It came in such a huge box haha, carrying it, it was almost taller then me haha. The software is really powerful, about 20 synths and 5000 sounds extremely powerful stuff. The software was one of the big things that attracted me to this purchase. Plus I know a few friends that have these too and that they are still going strong with them too. For about an extra $100 I got the 61 key version. Having plenty of keys was also something I wanted too. All up it was $459 au and the software is worth $200 just such an awesome bit of kit I must say.

I will be having so much fun going through all the sounds and preset’s, so far what I have heard, is just so awesome and blows my mind and the main reason I got this was I wanted to make some dance music and try something a bit different for me, how exciting it sure is haha. So happy I am and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. A very happy kitty I sure am.

Onto other news today I got my second and last Pfizer injection today. So far I have had no reaction which is very good indeed, I think so. So yes have a great week everybody, I’m loving life right now, things are falling into place just nicely around here, really great stuff. I’m relaxing now with some good music and some drinks – Yay my party time and happy hour!! I’m definitely going to go celebrate everything me!! I love what I do and right now I’m so happy in myself.

I had so many emails when I got back into the office after being out all day, people just relax haha!!

Well that’s it for me it’s 6:45PM and I’m going to go now and party and relax, keep having fun everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon, have a great rest of your week, all the best – Ashley.

My Arturia Keylab61 Essential with LabV.

Happy Monday – having a Frothy!!

hi everybody, how effing are you all!! hehe.

I’m doing pretty good I must say.

My arm was hurting me earlier today, from all the damage over the years. it’s really painful and cramping but is much better right now at 6:24PM. I have had a good day today checking in with my workers and I have made some great progress. It’s really great, I think so.

This blog and website is my space to discuss my lifestyle and all the great things I’m doing separate to work stuff on my other website. I have made my new home over here on the web and It feels good to progress. Things are just getting better and better so far this week.

It’s all onwards and upwards. I’ll be looking to modify just some small things around here on the visual aspects of schizkitty here, but it’s mostly how I like it at the moment. I like my links section in the right hand column, on my home and about page of this website. That was a big improvement that I really like. I may decide to add some more stuff and tweak and perfect some stuff around here casually over the next week or so.

So yes really a lot of positive stuff to report today hehe. Have a great week everybody and happy Monday!! I get my second Pfizer shot tomorrow so I’m not looking forward to that, how I felt after the first shot was not so good but it is what it is. Thanks to everybody for all your help and support. A shout out to all my wonderful workers that read this, thanks for all the great work you do, it really means a lot to me. Sometimes I just need a little bit of help and I can do great things, thanks so much everybody for making all this possible.

I’ll leave you today with a photo of my home-made (instant) frothy coffee, that I photographed today, so frothy it is haha. It was a bit of fun behind the lens haha. I really am enjoying life these days, just so awesome everything is, I think so! All the best – Ashley.

My frothy home-made coffee haha.

My New 3DsMax Model of Ashley – Happy Sunday!!

Hi everybody! I hope your all well and have been doing great things. Like I mentioned on this site, is that I would check in today this (Sunday) and have an update for you, here is what I have to report, all good stuff!!

I have been having some time off work this week and I thought I better get back to doing some modelling work as my trial ends in about 18 days. I managed to do a fare bit of work today (Sunday) and did a fare bit on it and finished it, my 3DsMax character model. Yay!!

I thought it came out pretty good, I like it so that’s the main thing hehe. I wanted it to look a little zombie like with the flesh tone. If you are wondering who it is, it’s me (Ashley) in 3D wearing the same designer clothes as the model and a photo of my face on the head of the model. I did some minor face modelling but with regards to that less is more, too many details on a texture isn’t all that great.

Anyway I’m so happy with it hehe, it was great as a 2-3 week project over the cold winter months now in the middle of winter. So yes it was really good to do that. The model was modelled from scratch and it took me 2-3 weeks on and off. A very relaxed and casual 2-3 weeks it was. But I know I have to slow down a bit and relax more and look after myself more. As it is I’m spending far less time in front of the computer which is really great, and definitely far less time on social media, I think so.

Well I’m going to go now and have some drinks. It’s my happy hour 4-6PM now. It’s 4:11PM. Have a great last bit of your weekend and I’m sure I’ll catch you all next week some stage. All the best, Ashley.

My 3DsMax model of Ashley.

Happy TGI FRIDAY-New Hoodie!!

Happy TGI Friday everybody!!

I bought this hoodie on Sale for $15 at ‘Factorie’ at Northland (see photo below). Probably my favourite clothes store and it’s really comfy and fits perfectly – win!!

I purchased some more fish and I have some drinks for tonight I’m also losing weight again. all for the win this week it’s been like hehe.

Have a great weekend everybody!! and I’ve finished work now! Going to relax and have some drinky-poos haha! Keep well everybody – and I’m out of here.