Burger & Booster Shot, TGI Friday!!

Hi there everybody!

At the moment things are very uncertain with Covid and as this is the case I’m having a longer than usual break from work. Hopefully my Midsumma work goes ahead this year.

I went and got my booster shot today which is a big thing to tick off my to do list. I just went to a walk in pop up clinic where I bought some food too. Also when out I got medication too. I made a burger, recommended by my Nutritionist. So I went and got my ingredients with my worker today which was really great. I was able to do lots of things today with my worker, which I’m very thankful for – thanks T!! Also thanks to D!! for sending me the email info about the new pop up clinic in my area!

I took a photo of my burger! I had tomato too but I ate that separately as it wouldn’t fit in the burger haha. It was very yummy I must say and I had some coke to go with it.

Also happy TGI Friday to you all too, PARTY!! haha. Have a great weekend everybody, catcha, Ashley!

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