Ken and Barbie, about to go into the New Year!!

Well hi there everybody.

Well it’s almost the end of the year and I have done everything that I’ve wanted to do this year. In closing this year has been really awesome I must say. So many fun things I have done and a long list of achievements knocked over this year.

Overall I’m very happy with the direction things have been going in, really great I thinks so. Today I spent some time just pottering about and watching TV and working on my Ken and Barbie 3D Model, that I also finished today, the very last dev for the year. (see render below).

Anyway I’m sure I’ll check in again around New Years Eve and the New Year, may 2022 be everything that you wish for and have a happy and fun New Year everybody! I’m going to open a beer now and look over all the special times I have had this year with my productivity and best/fav things I have done this year! A great year it has been just so amazing on all levels.

Feeling blessed and happy, things are really great right now! I’m sure I’ll catch you all again soon, all the best, Ashley!

My Ken and Barbie in 3D.

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