Facebook down – Mental Illness.

I owe everybody an apology. My Facebook went down sometime between last night and this morning. As when I woke up this morning I had no facebook. I have been suffering from severe mental illness and paranoia. Something in my brain has been happening with me over the last couple of weeks, and therapy sessions with my Psychotherapist is due to decrease, as thoughts were that I can cope on my own for awhile, which as I’ve learned from today, isn’t the case.

I am finding even though mental cognition is on the improve, underlying psych factors with my Schizophrenia and paranoid thinking is coming to the fore and has started to impact my day to day wellbeing in way I had never thought. The best improvement that has come out of the last couple of weeks / month is that my brain fog has been pretty much fully quashed and hasn’t had any impact on me. I have to allow myself time to adjust and somehow stabilize in a way that works for me.

I’m not sure what’s happening right now but if anything things holistically are getting better, but yes, I can’t count my chickens yet. Things are better yes, and I know I’m pretty switched on with knowing a good amount about myself and the insight to how I work and such, but as I’m finding recently somethings with me are surprisingly contrary and unknown. I’ll further investigate this and report back to my clinicians and specialists working with me, my Psych OT and Psychotherapist and in general my NDIS team.

I have been spending more time out of my apartment and even going out late at night when it’s dark which frightens me, but yes I look forward to seeing my specialists next week sometime to discuss this. There is no cause for alarm and I’m sorry if I have stressed some people that were wondering where I have gone as Facebook was down for me this morning. All is pretty good I must say and I think it won’t be too long in time when I can fully overcome most of my psych issues that have had the biggest impact on me and my well being in past times.

In closing all the best everybody and thanks for all my workers, friends and family for the support and encouragement to overcome difficult times and if anything to pursue a quality of life in the end. Stay strong and do your best at everything you do and remember to have fun, I’ll be sure to check in next week sometime with my treating team, thanks, and all the best,¬†Ashley.

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