My New Podcasts!

Well we are at the end of another week, Sunday today.

I will be discontinuing my blog here as my Podcasts that I’m doing now will replace this. Thanks to all my readers but now you can listen instead of read my blog. My podcasts are taking over as my primary updates for everything with me, even if it’s only every Friday or most Friday’s at this stage. It’s a new format and I’m pretty happy doing these new podcasts for you all. Visit my website podcast section here:

So yes I’m doing podcasts nowadays. I got a new mic to do them my new SM7B from Mannys, my music store. They are really good there. So very excited to be launching into a new format, mp3 audio files at this stage where you can listen / stream and download all my podcasts at your leisure.

I’m doing pretty good I must say and everything is going so awesomely. I do my podcasts every Friday, so yeah check them out!

I’m going now to have some drinks and celebrate such awesome times in my life right now, so great things are with me right now hehe. Back to work for me tomorrow. ‘Remember us when your famous’ haha that’s what the packaging said that all my stuff was packaged in from Mannys haha, so funny, yeah when I’m famous haha.

I’ll catch you all in a couple of weeks time for another podcast, so until then be kind to yourself and others, all the best and I’m out of here!

Photos of my SM7B from Mannys.

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