I made this today. Zombies are real!! ..just you all wait!!

Hi everybody, it’s now officially the tail end of the week, yay!! I’m having some drinks now and enjoying myself hehe. All my work is finished for the day, it’s 10:28pm right now hehe. So I finished up work a little bit later today.

I made this ditty today. Zombies are real!! ..just you all wait!! haha. I have been having some zombie creating fun today with my compy hehe. It was so much fun making this. (See image below). It’s like an old game / adventure drawing, with the pixel look hehe.

As per me, I’m going ok. I actually have been feeling a little down today, I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m just a little tired, worn-out and run-down, I have been pretty busy, I must say.

I have a potato cooking in my microwave right now, a late night meal hehe. Yum!! Slurp!!

So yes I’m going to go and have some drinks and relax now. Have a great weekend everybody!!

My Zombie drawing.

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  1. Awesome, I love your work ethics, and you make nice stuff, music, art ect.. keep it up, you make an imprint

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