Happy Tuesday – Preparing for back at work.

Hi there everybody!

I hope your all well. I am back at work this Sunday so yes I’m very happy about that.

I also made an Extended Version of my new song Masadon that you can listen to below.

Have a great week It’s right on 3:38PM and time to knock of work at 4! and have some drinks. Have a great week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch up with you all soon, bye!

Burger & Booster Shot, TGI Friday!!

Hi there everybody!

At the moment things are very uncertain with Covid and as this is the case I’m having a longer than usual break from work. Hopefully my Midsumma work goes ahead this year.

I went and got my booster shot today which is a big thing to tick off my to do list. I just went to a walk in pop up clinic where I bought some food too. Also when out I got medication too. I made a burger, recommended by my Nutritionist. So I went and got my ingredients with my worker today which was really great. I was able to do lots of things today with my worker, which I’m very thankful for – thanks T!! Also thanks to D!! for sending me the email info about the new pop up clinic in my area!

I took a photo of my burger! I had tomato too but I ate that separately as it wouldn’t fit in the burger haha. It was very yummy I must say and I had some coke to go with it.

Also happy TGI Friday to you all too, PARTY!! haha. Have a great weekend everybody, catcha, Ashley!

Back in the city – back to work on Monday!

Hi everybody.

I hope you’re all well and enjoying the warm weather.

I am back home in the city as per yesterday late afternoon. I am slowly getting used to my apartment as it’s been 2 weeks I have been away for. Coming back to my apartment, I have forgotten what it was like to be in my apartment and I’m just getting back to normal and a routine again.

I assembled my desk part (hutch) that I have had plans for, for a long while and I have my desk / workstation set-up just how I like it. Feeling fresh for 2022 hehe. (See photo below).

Well I’m feeling a little sad that I’m back home and it’s a little lonely around here, but I do have a few things in the works to do over the next month or so. So yes that’s really great and I’m slowly settling back into my apartment.

Anyway I’m going to go now and relax, have a great tail end of the week everybody and I’m sure I’ll catch you all again sometime soon. bye, Ashley.

My Desk / Workstation in 2022!

Happy Monday – Out shopping in the country!

Hi there everybody.

Me and my family went out to the shops today in the country and got some things. I got the desk hutch I have wanted, a new purse, an Iron Maiden T-shirt and a Wonder Woman pen (WW84) hehe. It was very nice and we had lunch out too, yum! I really enjoyed myself and we had a good fun time.

I’ll probably check in, in a couple of days time when I go back home into the city. Have a great week everybody, all the best, Ashley!

Stuff that I bought when I was out at Stockland
My Lunch at Stockland with my family.

HNY 2022!! My 3D Barbie Dolls!!

Hi there everybody.

We are officially into the new year, and I’m feeling really happy.

Time off work has been great, and I have been really enjoying myself up in the country with my family!

I have about 7 days left of my 3D app so I had another play with it today making some more barbie’s haha.

Anyway I’ll probably catch you next time when I’m back home in the city. Have a great last part of your weekend, before it’s back to work for me on Wednesday this coming week when I go back home into the city, all the best and have a happy and safe New Year everybody! Ashley!

My 3D Barbie Dolls.

Happy NYEE!!

Hi everybody! Happy New Years Eve, Eve!! on this lovely sunny Thursday afternoon! It’s right on 1pm. I am enjoying my break and time off work and away up in the country with my family. It’s really great I think so! Wednesday next week I leave to go back home in the city.

I took this photo of me spending some time outside with the lappy and having some celebratory drinks today hehe. I’m typing this blog today rather than tomorrow as I’ll be having family time tomorrow to celebrate a big year, that was this year, a year full of achievements and challenges with covid.

As this year comes to a close, I can’t help but look back on my best and fav works from this year. I have a folder on my compy with my best and fav works from this year and there are 91 files with images and videos that I have made this year.

I’m feeling a little sad that I’ll be returning back home in the city and say goodbye to my family, it has been such a great time spent with them. So anyway that’s about it for me and this year. I’ll leave you with this photo I took today! I’ll catch everybody again soon in the New Year! may 2022 be everything that you wish for and have a happy and safe NYE and New Year! All the best, cheers, Ashley!

Happy NYEE!!

Ken and Barbie, about to go into the New Year!!

Well hi there everybody.

Well it’s almost the end of the year and I have done everything that I’ve wanted to do this year. In closing this year has been really awesome I must say. So many fun things I have done and a long list of achievements knocked over this year.

Overall I’m very happy with the direction things have been going in, really great I thinks so. Today I spent some time just pottering about and watching TV and working on my Ken and Barbie 3D Model, that I also finished today, the very last dev for the year. (see render below).

Anyway I’m sure I’ll check in again around New Years Eve and the New Year, may 2022 be everything that you wish for and have a happy and fun New Year everybody! I’m going to open a beer now and look over all the special times I have had this year with my productivity and best/fav things I have done this year! A great year it has been just so amazing on all levels.

Feeling blessed and happy, things are really great right now! I’m sure I’ll catch you all again soon, all the best, Ashley!

My Ken and Barbie in 3D.

Happy Boxing Day – New 3D Model!!

Hi there everybody!

I’m chomping into my gingerbread caravan/house I got for Christmas, so yummy with a coffee too.

Over the last couple of days on/off for about 3 hours worth of work all up, I modelled myself a barbie hehe. (see render below). It was great fun making it and something to break up my days with me watching the T.V.

My time off and break is very enjoyable and I’m having a nice relaxing time.

So anyway I’m going now, I’ll probably check in closer to New Years Eve, catch you all then, all the best, Ashley!

My Barbie 3D Model.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Hi there! Happy Christmas everybody!

Yesterday Christmas eve was the big day with my family for a lovely lunch and today Christmas day is my relax day. I got some lovely presents and I’m feeling really blessed and happy right now!

So yes it’s a great time spent with loved ones and enjoying celebrating the end of the year. Not sure yet what I’m going to get up to early next year but I do have a few things in the works and planning.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took yesterday of some Christmas lights. Have a great day everybody, and all the best, Ashley!